The Blog

Well, here it goes my very first blog!

Firstly I’d like to say I am completely new to this so I 
appreciate anyone reading this blog. It all started with me spending my lunch breaks day in day out, scrolling endlessly through blogs admiring peoples wardrobes and beauty collections when I realised, why can’t I just start my own blog? And now we are here...


The Writer

I should probably start off by telling you my name. I'm Hannah, 20 years of age, I live in a small town in Sussex and do not intend on staying. I work full time for an Insurance Broker and would some day like to be able to go travelling. It may seem like a cliche but I swear I'm not just saying it! 

I am in the process of saving to go travelling and will update my blog with how its all going!

I love reading about celebrity beauty tips and secrets, bargain buys, dupes & generally just anything girly! I'm a sucker for the word "holy grail", if a blog has a post about a holy grail item, I have to get it! 

From my experience from reading blogs, I really like the original posts about things that are not only interesting but also nobody has reviewed it. For example, if i have to read another review on the Urbay Decay Naked Palette I may have to give up my blogging addiction! (haha, only joking) but seriously, I love originality and I think that's one of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog. Everyone has their own little corner in the blogging world & i'd really like to fight for my corner and bring something different :)

Anyway, lets crack on and see how my blogs gets on. Enjoy! 

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